With Steiner at Dornach

With apologies for the picture quality, I am no photographer as I was periodically reminded this weekend, but this is the grave of Rudolf Steiner at Dornach in Switzerland, where a new Goetheanum has risen to replace the old, destroyed by fire. It is in a beautiful location, saturated in a quieting silence, and it is surrounded by a number of original buildings also designed by Steiner that mirror and are mirrored in the surrounding architecture.

Steiner never ceases to intrigue me - that extraordinary admixture of improbable visionary, acute spiritual psychologist and progenitor of a number of radical movements in agriculture, the care of the learning disabled, education, finance and therapy. If by the fruits you will know them, Steiner is on the side of the angels.

It was a delight to see, and taste, however briefly, one of these fruits; and, to see his bodily resting place, in a contained, quiet garden, obviously lovingly tended and cared for.


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