Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Arvo Pärt - Prayer after the Canon

This composition by St Andrew of Crete is sung in Orthodox monasteries at the break of day where the coming light is associated with the coming of Christ.

Here is the setting composed by the incomparable Arvo Part: a composer of continuing integrity, fertility and prayerfulness.

It is a composition of repentance, speaking of change and transformation, as the darkness of night gives way to day, so might we put aside our shadows and embrace the light.

Listening to it this evening, driving home from dinner, I found myself recalling an instance, years past, when my unconsciousness and callowness caused true offence to two friends and fellow students who had been very kind to me. It is one of those moments that you would most deeply love to roll back in time and relive thoughtfully.

Alas that is not possible, all one can do is continue to struggle to carry what light one has forward into one's dark and in the confidence that, in time, a greater light will embrace yours and show you the way home.

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