Spine tingling...


Rather randomly, over a decade ago, you walk into an office in search of ideas and in the course of that discussion (and much subsequent work) help bring an idea, already hatched but looking for a home, to fruition.

Today you are sent a link by a friend you did not know then about today's Women's Hour on BBC Radio Four. It is a report she has helped produce. It is about two women in Ghana - one suffering from bipolar disorder, another who suffered from post-natal depression - both of whom have found the support they needed from the organisation Basic Needs that sprang out of that discussion more than ten years ago!

The accounts of their suffering and their path ways out are very moving (and can be found starting at 16 minutes 41 seconds into the programme).

It is moments like these, listening to their voices of renewed hope, that remind me that changing the world in a more compassionate and just direction is always possible.

It, also, reminds me of how extraordinary can be the consequences of unplanned yet serious engagement. I could never have imagined that my conversation with Chris that spring afternoon in Warwickshire would have me in tears at the kitchen table so many years later at realising what a good thing we had done!


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