Authority junkies

Only Jesus, when wholly transparent to the Father, can teach with authority (that of the Father) and only when that teaching is absorbed in the uniquely transformative experiencing of each person does it have any purchase on the soul.

What the Church needs to discover is not its 'authority' - better it abandoned that notion once and for all since it has singularly, persistently failed it (as it can only do, being unable to possess it)  - and find the humility to consistently point to the reality inherent in Christ - a reality brought to bear in its saints.

The Church, as Karl Rahner observed, needs to become one of a practiced mysticism - or nothing at all.

Aiming to recover its 'authority' is rather like an alcoholic convincing himself as he breaks his dryness for the umpteenth time that this time it will be different! The only way to deal with power is to surrender it by distributing it far and wide and trying for wisdom instead.

Happy is the day when the Church realises that it is a tradition of wisdom rather than of authority (and power).


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