Sunday, June 24, 2012

Goose breast in Sansepolcro

Memory is highly selective. It allows you to shape past history, editing it to wishful desire.

When I was last here, in Sansepolcro, I had a rabbit pasta at a restaurant around the corner that lingered across my memory as something so splendid that it closed in as my best ever dining experience. Afterwards I told myself that I must be mistaken, not least for trying rabbit pasta elsewhere and being disappointed (including at a fabulously famous and expensive Italian restaurant in Moscow. It was good but not that good).

This evening newly arrived I dropped by, no rabbit pasta on the menu, but a goose breast carpaccio that was equally extraordinary, bursting with flavor, the contrast between meat, fat accompanying oil and balsamic vinegar caught to perfection. It is a treasured spot and the proprietor is so welcoming and enthusiastic (and continues to charge you for wine by how much of the bottle you have consumed)!

It is so lovely to be back, though alas my friends have put up their apartment here for sale, just to sit on the balcony, looking out across the courtyard and be greeted by the neighbour's flapping washing obscuring the fading medieval wall painting in the corner!

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