I Know Where I'm Going

I watched "I Know Where I'm Going" by Powell and Pressburger. It is a beautiful film with their striking marks, not least the remarkable dream sequence depicted here. Every time I see one of their works, I am struck by how 'modern' and 'experimental' they are and yet wholly woven into the fabric of contemporary cinema. They manage to be both serious and entertaining.

Within the fabric of a romance, they manage here to set two sets of values starkly against each other: a traditional culture of  the Hebredes and a way of being modern (of knowing where one is going) that is both narrowly individualistic and stratified by class.

There are lovely set-pieces - most notably a ceilidh celebrating a diamond wedding celebration that quietly celebrates both a marriage and one rooted in community, made in community. It speaks of a community that is shaped by a common inheritance of shared life and art.


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